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At Intech Online Limited, when it comes to payment options, we aim to be as flexible as possible. For the convenience of our customers, we support most payment options listed below based on product types, including cash payments and direct bank transfer.
Payment Option E-1 Dial Up DSL LAN
Cash * * *
Cheque / Money Order x * x
Direct Bank Transfer * x x *

* Direct bank transfer requires authorisation

Please email for further details on how to conveniently pay for your Internet service.



Pay in person by cash in our InTech Customer Service Centre.

Cheque/ Money Order
Send your payment to InTech Online Limited 3/1-H Purana Paltan. You must include the tear off slip located on the bottom section of your bill to ensure easy identification of your account. You will receive an email confirmation once we have received your payment.

Direct Deposit
Cooming Soon
You can make payment directly into our Eastern bank account. After a direct deposit payment, you must with your username, invoice number, amount paid and the date of payment. Alternatively,you can email these details to

Account Details:
Intech Online Limited
A/C 01141060002739
Eastern Bank

Direct Monthly Debit
Conveniently pay your account by automatic monthly debits from your nominated bank account. Never forget to pay your bills again! To enable this facility, you must complete the Direct Debit authorization Forms above.

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