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Small business shared bandwidth using ADSL :
a 24 Hours Online service without Telephone
ADSL Broadband
DSL Broadband
ADSL is designed for situations where downloading data is the main use of the Internet connection - such as browsing websites quickly, fast email downloads and data transfers. With ADSL you can also use your line at the same time to make and receive phone calls.

Offers speeds of up to 2mbps when downloading
but limited to 256kbps when uploading
Up to 40x faster than a modem

What is ADSL Broadband?
Broadband is a term used to describe high speed Internet access.

It comes in a number of forms - depending on how the data is delivered - for example via cable, satellite and most commonly using a telephone line.
InTech offers this version (ADSL) where large amounts of digital information can be sent over an ordinary copper telephone line.

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line which means that the line operates at two different speeds, allowing information to be downloaded more quickly than it is uploaded. Data can be uploaded at a maximum of 256kbps (but, this can be as low as 56kbps) and downloaded at speeds of 512kbps, 1024kbps or 2048kbps. All of the available speeds depend on the distance from the BT exchange, contention and noise on the telephone line.

ADSL Broadband which connects at up to 40 times the speed of a standard dial-up modem is ideal for downloading files, music and movies making it ideal for both business and home use.

The connections are descibed as speeds being either 512kbps, 1024kbps or 2048kbps. These figures also describe the amount of bandwidth that is available, which can be likened to a water pipe. The larger the diameter of the pipe the more water can be delivered in a faster time. This is the same for ADSL, the larger the Bandwidth the more data that can be delivered in a given time.

ADSL Broadband for Small Businesses
Small business shared bandwidth using ADSL : a 24 Hours Online service without Telephone
High-speed Internet access for home and small business users.From Tk.3500 per month
Price rate for SoHo user

Why Use ADSL?
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