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The Intech Prepaid Card lets you surf the Internet 24 hours a day without receiving a bill.
The advantage the Internet Prepaid Card gives you is the freedom to surf while the charges are taken from your prepaid card.
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Connect to the Internet from anywhere in Bangladesh! You can access the Internet using your Internet Prepaid Card:
Connect from your home,Connect from your friends home, or from any other web station using a telephone line.
Connect your portable computer by using a mobile phone.All you need to do is install the InTech Online Free software.
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   Advance to prepaid pannel
No monthly charges: No surprises! The cost of surfing the Internet will be charged directly to the available balance on your Internet Prepaid Card.

Highly competitive prices:The Internet Prepaid Card has a quality to price ratio higher than other Internet connections. You can browse at a much faster speed, thus allowing you to do more with less.

Expense control:You always control your expense and available credit

Flat rate with Personalized access:With the Internet Prepaid Card you have a personal card and use a personalized code to access the Internet.

Internet from where you want:Connect to the Internet from any fixed in Dhaka. Connect from your friends or relative's homes without having them pay the surfing cost. Connect from your home and eliminate any surprise monthly charges.

Internet for Everyone: The card is the right product for anyone who does not have access to the Internet, but wants to surf without having to pay hefty monthly charges.
Free Home Delivery
  Cost effectiveness
Buy an E-1 card for Tk.1000 and enjoy only 25 paisa/min.
The Intech Prepaid Card is available in the following amount:
Tk. 50
Tk. 50
E-1 Red
145 minutes
Tk. 100
E-1 Blue
200 minutes + Clock
Tk. 300
E-1 Green
950 minutes
Tk. 500
E-1 Golden
1700 minutes
Tk. 1000
E-1 Magenta
4000 minutes
These rates include VAT, and are for anytime of the day or night.
The per minute rate shown above is the minimum charge for the first 60 seconds of surfing.
   How to Connect
First install on your PC the InTech Online Free software Intech dialer
You can download the software from
You can also find it on the InTech Free promotional CDs.
Launch the software with a double click on the IOL icon on the desktop.
Register with InTech Internet and log in with your "username" and your "password" For first time access.
Enter your "username" and your "password" Enter the PIN code from the Internet Prepaid Card
Tear off the small envelope to reveal the Internet Prepaid Card PIN code.
Surfing cost will be charged only to the balance on the Internet Prepaid Card.
   Additional Information
    If you would like further information or would like to become a retailer of the Internet Card, then
please call InTech Customer Care at this number: 955 3976 or 955 3886
Intech Online Limited. 3/1-H Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Phone: 9553976, 9553886, 9553783,9553715, 9551549, 9553807, Fax: 9553285,
E-mail: web: