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Intech Online is the leading provider of domain name registration. IOL Domains is one of the largest registrar of domain names and offers cheapest domain name registration for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .ws .in domain names. We also provide low cost country domain names like.
We also provide other domain name registration services like - domain name transfer, domain name renewals with lower fees & 24X7 reliable technical support.
For your domain name bookings you can contact our offices at Intech Online Limited. 3/1-H Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000.
At InTech, we will not only host your website but we will also submit your website to over 50 international search engines. We will also give you management information as to who is visiting your site. This includes such information as :

Who is accessing your site and where they are from
Which pages in your site are most visited
What times of day people most visit your website
How long people spend on each page and on your website
.com ("commercial") The most common extension for domain names. Often represents companies or for-profit organizations. Most personal Web sites also use this extension.
.net Generally represents Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
.org Usually represents non-profit organizations or groups.
.biz ("business") Reserved for use by businesses.
.info Made for both businesses and individuals. Usage is unrestricted, but a .info TLD indicates that the Web site primarily is informative.
.ws (Web site) An all-around, universally available top-level domain.
Domain Registration Charges/year
Tk. 1500/-
Tk. 1500/-
Tk. 1500/-
Tk. 1700/-
Tk. 1700/-
Tk. 1700/-
Some of the Domain Names registered with InTech are:
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