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A highly skilled and innovative team of professionals shall be operative to ensure a total network solution and system integration for all types of organizations on the basis of state of the art technology. Our specialty will be considered on the Internet & Internet (VPN / LAN / WAN) to provide wide area of database management, web based office management, local & remote messaging and conferencing and many new features.

InTech Online with its solid experience in building quality industry standard network provides Network Solution to clients seeking sophisticated and reliable Network Infrastructure.

Office Network Solution

Networking has become a necessity in any size of the offices. Even if you have 2 computers in your office or home its worth networking your PCs. Networking your computers may facilitate you with the following services.

1. File transfer & sharing
2. Peripherals sharing
3. Security of individual files
4. Individual login
5. Individual email address like
6. Internal and external mailing
7. Automatic login in every 1 or 2 hours to send & receive external mails.
8. Immediate transfer of internal mails

Point to Point Data Service

Point to Point service is defined as two or more sites connecting to each other over the data network. Therefore, if two office locations are within the coverage area of the data network, then both the offices can connect to the local gateways and then through the data network connect to each other. The data network will be a public network. Therefore, if Point to Point customers have requirements for security, then they will be able to utilize tunneling technology to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over this public network.


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