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Broadband Access uses proven technology to deliver high-speed, dedicated broadband connectivity directly to your business over a Radio Link or air. Wireless is more convenient and faster to use. It is also easier to maintain than a traditional dedicated wire leased line based on DSL technology. Moreover, deployment time is much shorter with point to point radio link than through DSL Links.

InTech offers state of the art 3.2GHz, 5.7GHz and 5.8 GHz Radio Link solutions. IOL has established a citywide wireless network in a strategic partnership with a leading wireless data connectivity service provider where it is possible to connect almost any office located with in Dhaka City. Powerful in nature, this service can reach far and wide localities to provide not only Internet access, but also data connectivity link solutions as well. Now it is much easier to connect your far away factory, branch offices, off-site locations, etc. with a peace of mind. We use award winning and field proven wireless equipments from WiLAN and Motorola along with international standard tower construction technology to facilitate our clients. Our expert engineers are always standing by to serve you.

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