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Intech Limited' Reseller Program is an Bangladesh-wide channel program which brings business Broadband solutions to through an indirect reseller channel. Our Resellers are highly diversified and includes ISPs, Systems Integrators, Resellers, Web Design Agencies and Consultants. One thing that is consistent however, is that all Resellers are selected on:
- their project implementation expertise
- their ability to advise customers on the right solution
- their commitment to service and co-operative problem solving
Intech Limited engage with Resellers in a fresh, positive and consultative manner to provide a wide variety of data and voip solutions to the market. By partnering with Intech Limited, Resellers immediately enhance their business offerings by having access to a multitude of carriers and their products, such as Request, Telstra, UEcomm, Comindico, etc.
Our Resellers know that our solutions are implemented smoothly, are reliable and consequently require little post-sales support. This in turn generates greater customer loyalty, better margins and increased profitability.
If you would like to become a reseller, please call us on 9553783, 9553807, 9553976 and speak to our Channel Manager. Alternatively, email us at for further information.
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