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ADSL Broadband Frequently Asked Questions about IOL DIal Up Internet Access:
DSL Broadband  
Radio link Q. How do I know how to set my account up?
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Domain registration Q. Can I connect over the phone?
Total ICT Solutions Q. How fast is dial-up?
Prepaid users
Q. How long will I have to wait to be connected?
Check usage Q. Is there a session limit?
Change password Q. How many email addresses do I get, and how much are additional ones?
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Technical Frequently Asked Questions about IOL DSL Internet Access
FAQS Q. DSL Vs Cable ?
Free Home Delivery
Q. Is Super DSL the same as Cable?
Q. Maximum upload and download speed ?
Q. What is Broadband?
Q. When will I be billed? 
Q. Can I upgrade my service?
Q. How is broadband connected to your home?
  Q. What is a Static IP?
  Q. What is ADSL broadband?
  Frequently Asked Questsions about IOL E-Cable Internet Access
  Q. How will my bond be refunded?
Q. I want to cancel my account, how can I do so?
Q. How can I check my usage?
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