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Q. How do I know how to set my account up?
A. We will send you an account confirmation letter, which details your username, password and necessary settings as well as a set up guide for your specific operating system. You can nominate how we send this to you. Many people prefer fax or email to a friend to allow instant connection.
Q. Can I connect over the phone?
A. No. We require that all applications are sent to us via fax, email or mail. We need you to complete the form, read and sign our terms and conditions. It is important for both parties that we do not accept orders over the phone as we cannot verify a person over the phone and we have no hard copy of the agreement.
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Q. How fast is dial-up?
A. Dial up runs at a theoretical speed of 56K. We say theoretical because, like all Internet services there are many variables, which may affect the quality of the service or the line speed. Some of these include hardware, software, number of users online, location of the site you are attempting to connect to, activity of networked users etc.
Q. How long will I have to wait to be connected?
A. Once you have applied for our Dial Up service, you will be sent your set up instructions within two hours of your payment being taken.
Q. Is there a session limit?
A. Yes. We have five hour session limits. Once you have been online for five hours, you will be disconnected. You can re-connect as many times as you like.
Q. How many email addresses do I get, and how much are additional ones?
A. We provide you with 1 email addresses as part of your dial up service. If you would like to purchase more email addresses, you are free to do so. Please check our Dial-Up page for further information on extra email addresses.
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