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Q. DSL Vs Cable?
DSL service shares bandwidth amongst ALL users connected to the same DSLAM. Cable shares bandwidth amongst ALL users connected to the same CMTS.

DSL's advantage?
The dedicated circuit prevents other users from affecting your connection to any significant degree. (In most cases.)

Cable's advantage?
Generally cable can support higher bandwidth rates, and can usually provide service to a larger area than 18,000 wire-feet, DSL's limit.

Cable modems are typically faster for downloads than most if not all DSL lines, when the cable infrastructure is new or well maintained. One of the most common complaints seen in our cable forums is that of increased latency and other problems as more subscribers in a given area come on line. Additionally, cable has a few other disadvantages when compared to DSL.

Q. Maximum upload and download speed ?
Speed (kbps)
Translated to:
Speed (KBps)
The speeds above are the same factor for Upload as well. It's worth noting that some of your bandwith is eaten up by packet headers. Your upload and download speed are dependent upon each other, so if you use a lot of upload it can affect your download speed.

Note: 1 KiloByte divided by 8 = 1 kilobit
1 byte = 8 bits or 384 kbits divided by 8 = 48 kiloBytes

What's this mean to me?

Q. What is Broadband?
Broadband is the term used to describe a digital high speed internet connection. It differs from a dial up connection by being on 24 hours a day. This means more information can be transmitted quicker and easier.
Q. When will I be billed?
Our billing cycle is the first of each month. You will be billed monthly – in advance. If you would like to make any changes to your service such as plan upgrade, this needs to be done prior to the start of the month to be applicable for the next billing cycle. If you have any further queries regarding your billing, please email
Q. Can I upgrade my service?
Yes. You are free to upgrade your service from month to month. However you are required to notify us three days prior to the end of the month to be affective for the following month. You must also notify us of your request in a written format, either via mail or email to If you are upgrading your plan only, there will be no charge. If you are upgrading the speed of your line, this will cost $35 as we will need to do some work on your line to alter the speed. This will take approximately 10 working days for this alteration to service.
Q. How is broadband connected to your home?
Most home users will receive broadband by one of the following methods:
ADSL - (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) this converts your analogue BT line into an ADSL via a modem at your home and at the BT phone exchange.
Cable - Broadband is delivered via a high speed cable modem using a cable network to your computer.
Q. What is a Static IP?
A static Internet Protocol is a single IP address for your service, which is always the same, instead of being assigned one randomly each time you connect. This is useful for gamers and those who run a server or have their own website, or more specifically, registered domain.
Q. What is ADSL broadband?
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a broadband connection technology which utilises existing copper wired telephone networks. ADSL uses a wide range of frequencies over an existing telephone line to deliver much higher speeds than your standard 56k modem (between 10 and 40 times faster).
Q. Is Super DSL the same as Cable?
No. Super DSL runs on an ordinary Telstra phone line, whereas cable operates in tandem with the cable television networks. In contrast to the dedicated bandwidth properties of ADSL, cable Internet shares equally the available bandwidth with all the other cable users in your area, and as such can lead to poor performance.
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