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Dial Up Settings for Windows 98
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Go to My Computer and double click on Dial-Up Networking. Double click on Make New Connection..
Prepaid users
Check usage
Change password
Customer Support
Under Type a name of the computer you are dialing type InTech. select your modem, and push next.
Free Home Delivery
Under Telephone number, type 0101312. Click on Next.
Right click on the InTech dialer and click on Properties.
On the General tab uncheck use area code and dialing properties. Click Configure..
Under maximum speed select 38400/57600. Click on the Connection tab.
Under Call preferences make sure all three boxes are unchecked. Click OK.
Click on the Server Types tab

Under Advanced Options uncheck Log on to network
Under Allowed Network Protocols uncheck NetBEUI and IPX / SPX Compatible .
Click OK
To create shortcut on desktop right click on the Agni dialer, click Create Shortcut. Click Yes.

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