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Most distributions have either GNOME or KDE window managers available. If you will be using KDE, the program to use is "kppp", with GNOME it's "gnomeppp".
If you use KDE as your desktop and you only want to connect while using the KDE desktop, then use the network tool "kppp" to configure your dialup connection.
1. Start kppp and click on Setup and then Add (for new connection).
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2. At the Dial tab, enter:
  • Connection Name = InTech
  • Phone Number = 0101312
  • Authentication = PAP
  • Check Yes to store password
3. At the IP tab:
  • Check Yes for Dynamic IP address
  • Check Yes for auto-configure host name from this IP
4. At the DNS tab:
  • Domain =
  • Check Configuration: Automatic
  • Check Yes to Disable existing DNS servers
5. At the Gateway tab:
  • Check Yes for Default Gateway
  • Check Yes to Assign the default Route to this Gateway
The Login Script can be left alone

7. Ignore Accounting
Enter your name and password, optionally check Show Log window and hit the Connect button. To disconnect, simply click on the disconnect button.

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